Virtual CPAP Mask
Fitting in Seconds

Easy & Accurate Mask Fitting from Any Device

How it works

Using a mobile device at home or in a clinic, CPAP Users can be sent a link to complete their scan, which only takes a few minutes

CPAP Users will be asked general questions about their height, weight, and other physical aspects. They will also be asked about their sleep patterns, sleeping positions, and more.

Using the camera on a mobile device, Hayat Home Medical Equipment able to use AI technology to take a vritual scan of the CPAP User’s face.

Combining the facial scan with the CPAP User’s health information from earlier, Hayat Home Medical Equipment
is able to provide the CPAP User with a recommended mask and size.

Why Hayat Home Medical Equipment?

Hayat Home Medical Equipment will work with you to transition you as a patient and bill your insurance. Our customer service representative will gather all necessary information when we get in-touch with you to see if you qualify for a free AI scan.
Significantly increase better sleep by using the most effective mask option for your facial features using technology driven AI rather than guess work.
Hayat Home Medical Equipment will continue to follow-up with you to ensure your supplies are provided for you over the period of CPAP utilization by enrolling you in our ReSupply program to ensure you always have the strongest seal to ensure minimization of mask leaks.

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